Erotic Art from Lebanon and the Arab World

Mainstream glamour photographer by day , Lebanese underground visual artist of the erotic genre by night! That’s how I like to present myself.

Sensual art is still perceived as highly provocative and taboo, and is therefore quite shunned in my culture. Though some artists in the Arab World have tried to cross over and breach the set barriers, the volatile situation both in “morality” and politics in our region makes it often risky to insist on such a vision.


I have always been fascinated by erotic imagery and references. Other than the fact that eroticism is universal, what draws me even further towards this theme is its history in our region. The Arab World or “The Orient” was once a source of erotic exotic inspiration to western intellects and artists. With its unadulterated and unapologetic nature, Medieval erotic Arabic poetry abound. It then becomes only natural for me to infuse this rich heritage of ours into my art. Originally my work was more graphic, executed with black ink and acrylics on very large canvas for that extra impact , but lately I am trying to experiment with other media, aiming for a more subtle approach and going for nonthreatening sizes… I am also working on my portrait photography , striving to bring Boudoir to Lebanon and the Middle East.

My art would be an interesting addition to any private collection, more so if it is precisely focused on the erotic genre and is an eclectic mix of “curiosities” from around the world!


So if you are interested in acquiring some of my work, please introduce yourself and we will find the best way to collaborate and set up a private viewing.


One of my creations, “The Brazilian”, was awarded third place in the first International Juried Erotic Art Exhibition in Las Vegas “12 INCHES OF SIN”, organized by Sin City Gallery in 2012, and is featured in the art book by the same name .


Edmond Bouclaous.